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We connect people with art through emotions and inspiring experiences.

Creativity World Forum

Creativity World Forum

Artistic and Production Direction

Horno Alto de Sestao

Lighting of the Sestao Blast Furnace

Light and Sound Artistic Installation

Concierto OSCAN

Clara Schumann Visual Music

Orquesta Sinfónica del Cantábrico


Spring Tide

Light and Sound installation

Solsticio, instalación de Luz y Sonido


Ephemeral light and sound installation

Instalación efímera de luz Aurora Boreal

BDCC Boreal

Presentación MUPAC

Immersive presentation of the MUPAC

Presentation of institutional project

Laboa, Lekeitiotik Hegan

LABOA visual music

Visual arts and contemporary music

Basoaren Ametsa

Ephemeral art installation Basoaren Ametsa

Immersive light and sound

Video Mapping Palacio de Festivales de Santander

Anniversary Video Mapping over the Festivals Palace

Una ópera audiovisual para el 30 Aniversario


SEACID. Data Art installation

Oceans Data Art Installation

Gau Zuria Bilbao

Gau Zuria Bilbao

An inspiring Video Mapping in Bilbao

We create, design and set in motion projects that hybridize art and technology.

We’re an international artists and technologists multidisciplinary collective creating in the fusion between art and technology. We design very creative digital and audiovisual content for video mapping and immersive digital art installations. We transform the big data in innovative art installations and we design 2D and 3D high impact visuals for holography and other digital displays. We shape any creative and innovative project that you could imagine for getting added value in your events or brands.

We integrate advanced technology into our creative processes. We create immersive, artistic and digital content for virtual reality, digital animation for augmented reality tours in the museums,  we turn big data in understandable visual graphics for decision-making processes, or we create amazing artworks using real-time data.

Tell us your dream.

We’re always in look of a new challenges – If you’re looking for standing out your brand, product or service we’re ready to listen to you and to design your future together.


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