Data visualization

We interpret and turn Big Data into dynamic maps and visual graphics for decision-making processes. And also, we turn data into awesome digital art.


The Beat of Bilbao

Bilbao turns itself into a digital artwork that comes to life through the real-time data generated by its own citizenship.

Data Visualization

Data by itself has no sense. Humans give real sense to data. Data represent behaviours, lifestyles, trends, communications. Data represents the activity of humans. In ElektrART we make more human big data, and turn data into dynamic maps and visual graphics that represent more understandable visual environments for decision-making processes for companies and institutions.

Big Data and Digital Art

We turn big data into digital art installations that represent the activity of a company, human behaviour, or the progress and the state of technology. We make more human the most complex data turning it into artworks, creating singular and unique works of digital art, ephemeral and at the same time endless artworks, that represent the real-time activity taking place at the Universe.


The Hearth of Bilbao

The axis of the digital artwork is a virtual 3D created piece that represents the city as a hearth. This hearth comes to life through the real-time data generated by the activity of humans in the city.


The Beat of Bilbao

We're creating a digital artwork real-time generated by the activity of the citizenship in the city. An ephemeral and at the same time infinity artwork that represents the beat of a city through its own inhabitants. This is a tribute to our city, that is an international model of urban transformation thorugh art and culture.

Phase 1:

We’ll analyze existing data and will design the central axis of the digital artwork.

Phase 2:

We’ll connect the available real-time data to the digital artwork designing interface.

Phase 3:

We’ll adapt the digital artwork into immersive and virtual reality interfaces.


If you live in Bilbao, you’re¬†going to be part
of this amazing art project.

This project is being financed together with: